Eighth GSoC Report – Multithreading on Processing

What do I have completed this week?

  • Created a mechanism to hold the result of the algorithm taking into account that there can be several algorithms running at the same time. The results are stored in a global variable called algResults. This variable is accessible via python console (e.g. “processing.algResults”).


  • The signals are connected in a different way in order to close the dialog and quit the thread when the algorithm is finished.
  • I have updated my fork and merged my work into the master branch.
  • Added the runalgIterating method to the AlgorithmExecutor with some changes to support the signals to set the progress
  • AlgorithmDialog refactored.
  • I have been searching for a solution to stop the algorithm execution and I think that is possible to create a sort of checkpoints inside the algorithm to check if we want to stop the execution and raise an exception to stop the thread event loop.

What am I going to achieve for the next week?

  • Allow the user to cancel the execution when running the runalgIterating.
  • Solve the problem with QGIS dependencies on Ubuntu and test the refactored algorithms.
  • Continue working on the algorithm iterating.

Is there any blocking issue?

  • I had to postpone the tests due to some problems installing QGIS dependencies on Ubuntu.
  • Didn’t had time to implement a solution to stop the execution of the algorithm.

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