Twelfth GSoC report – Multithreading on Processing

What do I have completed this week?

  • I have finished the cancel option in order to stop the execution of non-QGIS algorithms. It’s important to remember that as well as the QGIS algorithms the cancel option do not cover all the non-QGIS algorithms and this implementation only covers GDAL and SAGA algorithms. However this option can be easily replicated to the othersthird party algorithms.

  • I have changed the python console to use the QThreadPool.

  • I have been testing and debugging the multithreading implementation looking for unexpected behaviours or incorrect results.

  • Core refactoring.

What am I going to achieve for the next week?

  • Write documentation for the multithreading implementation.

  • Code cleaning and refactoring.

  • Search for problems in the multithreading implementation and correct them.

Is there any blocking issue?

  • No.


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